Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Folks,

I want to apologize for not updating regularly.  I have the best intentions but can't get around to posting things.  Here is what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving!

She is more amazing than I ever thought possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello, is this thing on?

Hey Guys,

Has it really been since May that something has been written on these pages?  Wow, please accept my apologies.

Saying this summer has been odd is a huge understatement.  With the rain coming almost daily and a closet of baby clothes I've been at a loss most of the summer.  I have been in the pool at the ECC exactly once.  I have cut my grass more than I've been to the beach, that's never happened.  When it's not raining I'm picking up UPS boxes off the porch.  These boxes contain the beginning of what will certainly be an absurd wardrobe.

Miss Parrish's room is all but done.  All that is left is some wall decorations and her.  DeAnn and I have slowly gotten our junk out of there and baby stuff  is now covering the place.  With 8 weeks to go it is finally hitting me that this is happening.

Football season is upon us and I am so ready.  I've been watching old games and even a little preseason NFL to pass the time.  We aren't planning on going to any games, but I might hit Tuscaloosa for a November weekend if I can get a pass.

I truly hope this post finds everyone well and I will try to rededicate a post a week to keep you guys up-to-date on DeAnn's progress.

Fins Up!


Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Girl!

As most of you know DeAnn is expecting our first child in mid-October.  This past Wednesday we went to her doctor for the 2nd time to see if we could find out what we would be blessed with.  Well, this time she finally got in a good position so they could tell.  I told DeAnn the first time that "If it was a girl I had no problem with her not wanting to spread her legs" so we could find out.  Modesty can't be bad right?

Now that we know what we are having I have no doubt my bride will kick the spending into over drive.  The next few months should be a blast but financially I assume it will hurt. 

I will try to post more as things progress and we have news.  Right now the Dr.  told D to keeps doing what she doing.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

Fins Up,


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Masters Week

Any one that knows me, whether it's slightly or to a T, knows I LOVE The Masters.  The way DeAnn reacts to the 2nd week of April one would think its surgery time.  I however, cherish it. Why? Because like Nantz says "It's a tradition unlike any other". 

I have been several times and on the years I don't go it's still 4 days of bliss.  This year was a year I scored a few golden tickets.  With the help of a good pal I was on my way to the "National".

DeAnn decided if I was going to Augusta then she was going to the beach.  We loaded up Friday and tried out Mom's new place for the first time.  Jerry, Robyn, Alison, and Zach joined us and it was a pretty laid back weekend.  We just don't do it like we used to.  The only excitement was Red Bar crab cakes and my new passion, $5 scratch tickets. Saturday night everyone went to bed and I dreamed of egg salad and Augusta green.

Sunday I was up with the sun and waking everyone up because the train was leaving from Elba at 11AM.  I had previously packed a bag for the Masters trip because with DeAnn I knew I'd be short on time.  When will pulled into the driveway I grabbed my shaving bag out of the beach bag and was ready.

Dad and I were meeting Uncle Daniel in Montgomery and Blake Lambert, aka Willie Wonka, in Atlanta.  We corralled the troops and hit 20 headed the South.  We hit Augusta around 6 and got checked in.  Since my 1st trip in 1994 I have always wanted to eat at T-Bonz, but we have always been there on Tuesday and it was never an option.  This trip however was different and we decided to give it a shot.  Top 5 steak I have EVER had! Great food and great atmosphere.  After supper we head back to the hotel to get a few hour nap.

Monday started with an alarm at 5:30 and a greeting from Uncle Daniel.  Whew it was early, but it's not like I was working so I popped up.  The gates didn't open until 8 but we were out the door at 6:45.  After an egg mcmuffin to kill time we turned onto Wheeler Road that used to be the secret gate.  Now it's 1 of 2 gates that patrons enter the course. 

Once we we entered the gates I was pretty emotional.  The one thing I told Dr. Fletcher was I want to get back to Augusta and now 5 years later I was there.  They have made the course more gallery friendly with signs and decent directions.  We didn't need them as we had Dad.

We went straight to 16 to show Daniel.  A very nice security guy almost begged us to put a chair down.  We did.  It became a theme that all the security guys went above and beyond.  One nice fella told Daniel and I very sternly "Hey, we don't allow drag racin' around here" before breaking out into a huge grin.  As there was not anyone close to 16 we started moving and caught Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler on 3 green.

After watching them tee off on 4 we slowly made our way to the clubhouse.  Once there we saw the new driving range and watched the 14 year warm up.  After that we tried to get a picture made at the front of the clubhouse, however there was a hour wait.  We settled on 1 tee for the first round og egg salad/pimento cheese sandwiches.  After watching several groups go off we hit the pro shop where as I was checking out the guy in front of me had a $3400 bill.  Yikes! Next we started the trek to the Cathedral they call Amen Corner.  Such a sight to behold.  Dad took Uncle Daniel to 12 tee to see a few groups and I sat beside 13 fairway just taking it all in.

After leaving there we went back to 16 as a lot of groups were coming through.  Being at ANGC the chair we left hours before was still there with a mountain of people around it.  As we were coming up a security guard moved the masses and put us at the rope with a great view of 15 green and 16.  He checked on us periodically, making sure we were happy.  We spent the rest of our afternoon there.  During the practice rounds the tradition is for the groups to skip a ball over the pond.  It was funny to hear the gallery scolded player lightly until the relented and skip.  When we were leaving the security guard saw us and cleared the path.  That just doesn't happen everyday.

The ride home was very uneventful and we had Daniel talking about next year.  Too funny!

Thanks for letting me put this on paper for you guys.  Also, one more BIG THANK YOU to Blake Lambert for the tickets.

Fins Up,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Years

Let me preface this blog with a disclaimer:

The main reason I haven't been blogging is because I gave up social media for Lent.  I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't blog today to Jerry due to Lent.  He argued that a blog wasn't social media and even if it was the Lord would understand.

5 years. Those two words have been in my head all day.  A little after 8 this morning my former co-worker and pal Kris Berg called, and we had some laughs and shed a few tears.  She was the last person I talked to at SanBuck before my accident.  Everyone at SanBuck was so supportive in the months that followed.  To this day I love dropping by or giving them a call.

Today being Tuesday the timeline fits the same as it did in 2008.  I've tried to retrace my steps but I don't remember much and what I do remember I can't help but wonder if that's because I've heard the stories.  It's wild to hear friends and family talk about the day of and the days that followed.

I've texted and talked to the Doctors and Nurses today.  They all tell me I'm a legend on the 6th  floor at Baptist South.  I always thought they were pulling my leg (no pun intended) until JMV introduced me to a new Dr. last year and said this is the kid whose ox sat was in the 70's for 3 days.  He called BS and Vermillion brought in reinforcements to back it up.  It's unreal when they talk and you realize they are speaking of you.  They are all such amazing and inspiring people.  It doesn't hurt that they saved my life.

I can't write this blog and not bring up Miss Mildred Finlay and Bonnie Money.  Not only are they 2 of my favorite people in the world but their continued nagging and reading is one thing that keeps me blogging.  Their support, love and visits made my hospital stay bearable if not better.

It would take me all night to thank everyone that played a part in my 2 year recovery and I hope that in the last 5 I've acknowledged the support and love.  However,  I can't say enough about my amazing family.  I don't think a day went by in the first 3 months that Mom was without and sibling or an in-law.  My wonderful mother-in-law spent more time with me than should be allowed, and I don't know what I would do without her. I love you all!

Here's to another 55 years and Fins Up,


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last Friday Durrell Hudson was laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery here in Elba.  I grew up knowing this wonderful fellow as he is Aunt Jenny's dad.  However, in the last 10 years I really got to KNOW him. Whether it was on a Wednesday night around a card table or driving down the highway on one of our many excursions the more he talk the more I listened.  You see, this man had over 80 years worth of stories of being on the road.  In his younger days he drove a truck for a while and up until a a couple years ago he did transfers for Cook Chevrolet. 

About the same time I turned 21 the poker boom was hitting this country.  I was never into math, however I have always liked numbers.  I started playing in a penny poker game and across the table sat Mr. D.  In the years that followed we developed a great relationship and started taking a couple a trips a year.  On these trips to Tunica or Biloxi we obviously had time to talk and he would always tell the most incredible stories.  Some were so amazing you knew they were true.  His stories about the "Old" Vegas were probably my favorite. 

The first trip we took was to Tunica in 04 or 05.  There was a poker tournament that I wanted to play in and Mr. Durrell, Fred Jr. and myself loaded up and went.  To make a long story short I busted out with 70 folks left when I got pretty unlucky.  The funny thing was this really old guy put me out and after all the cards were dealt and I was beat he said "Bring'em to Daddy" referring to the chips.  It was very early in the morning and we were all very tired.  We all laughed about that.  It also stuck.  I can't tell you how many times in a game that was said between Dad, Mr. D and myself.

In the last week since he's been gone I've thought about him and would get emotional but before I was through I would end up laughing.  I've heard the phrase "my man" in my head a ton because that was how he started almost every conversation with me.

He was a true "gem" that will definitely be missed, but left a great legacy in 3 daughters and 4 grandkids.  God Bless you, Durrell Hudson!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

What a weekend!

Well, it appears my nervousness about Saturday afternoon were well-founded.  I had a bad feeling about the UGA game all week and told basically everyone I came in contact with.  In the end it didn't matter as 'Bama has a chance to cement their place in history.  3 out of 4 isn't bad in anything.

Saturday night we had our 2nd annual Christmas party and I think DeAnn was happy we won the ballgame because she knew the mood would suffer if we had lost.  We had a great time and I laughed as it was a diverse group that somehow managed to make it through the night.  We had everything cleaned up and I was in bed by 1.

DeAnn's best friend from college, Robyn, was in town for the party.  Robyn is a pretty awesome chick for a lot of reason, but the way she helped D after my wreck highlights most of them.  Those 2 can not see each other for months and then pick up right where they left off. 

DeAnn and I have the AL Limb Christmas Party Saturday night at the train shed in Montgomery.  You never know when that bunch is involved what might happen.  I feel like I may be trapped into shopping also.  Pray for me!.

Fins Up,